Our price list is devised in such away that every customer can choose the things they want and need . However we understand that it’s not that straight forward to work out at first glance. I hope that this next paragraph will go some way to explaining it.

Because we cater for such a cross section of horses we find that no two people want exactly the same thing. 
Because of this we offer a variety of different feeds and bedding. We also offer exercising of different levels and types.

Each person pays the monthly rate for the stable. Then they add on their choice of livery, 5, 6 or 7 days. All stable rents and livery are payable in advance. On top of this you add your choices of feed, hay and bedding, this is paid in arrears, as is any exercising, grooming or clipping you might decide to have done. 

A typical price for a standard 5 day livery with 3 hay nets a day and 2 feeds seems to be between £550 and £600 per month, depending on the type of feed and bedding chosen.

To work out what your costs would be just call Karen direct (on 07712 985345) to make an appointment to view and discuss your needs.

With BHS qualified supervision, you can be reassured that your horse will be well cared for in a friendly and knowledgeable environment.



Schooling £9
Hacking 30 mins £8
Lunging £6
Schooling by Karen £12.50

In order to accomodate a variety of horse and riders, our 

prices are broken down to provide the flexibility required.

We will take horses to be schooled and competed as well as riders 

who just need some help.

We can also offer transport to shows at reasonable rates.


Stable Rent per week: £37 
Monthly Cost £160.33

Hay/Straw/bedding varies with market price.

Livery @£6.50 per day:
Monthly Cost:
£140 - 5 day week option
£168 - 6 day week option
£196 - 7 day week option

Feed: £8 - £18 per week
(depending on size and requirement, feeding
2 -4 times per day)